Web Design & Development

CEC Worldwide

CEC Worldwide is an education consultancy and recruiting agency providing complete consultancy services for international students pursuing tertiary education in Canada.

Sanctus is once again proud to partner with a leader in the education sector participating in work that makes positive changes in human lives, as we hold fast to our mission to build our community by helping strengthen the Canadian economy. Sanctus aids in the creation and ongoing delivery of a digital portal designed to foster competitive talent and excellence within Canada.

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ProRenovators is a renovation company servicing the Greater Toronto Area, specializing in both commercial and residential renovation projects.

ProRenovators is a professional renovation contractor with a keen eye for customer care, aiding their clients in understanding the complexities of renovation projects with a premium service focused on build quality and peace of mind in the renovation process.

Sanctus aids in the creation and maintenance of the ProRenovators digital presence.

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We’re proud to have aided in the optimization, redesign, and security implementation of Prospology, a premium career coaching service centred on serving young and energetic graduates who seek to ignite their career and personal lives as they focus on entering the work environment and creating work lives that they are truly passionate about.

From implementing superior mobile responsiveness, lightning-fast optimizations, an updated security implementation, to a robust server backend hosted on our platform – Prospology is now more responsive and user-friendly, more secure, and primed for further development as it continues to grow.

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Green Circles Landscaping

Green Circles Landscaping

Sanctus is proud to have aided in the redesign, responsiveness, and optimization of the Green Circles online presence. Along with improving the social media presence of Green Circles Landscaping, Sanctus enhanced the company security policy, developed custom digital media, and aided in the automation of routine paperwork procedures to create a more efficient work environment.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, Green Circles curates landscaping projects of breathtaking beauty with unparalleled expertise and care.

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Websites That Work As Hard As You Do.

We develop fully-responsive, lightning-fast websites from the ground up.

From the first step of working closely with you to understand your business objectives, mission, and your particular needs – to establishing a strategy to turn your site visitors into long-term clients, we make sure to create and carefully curate your online presence before the world – and provide ongoing maintenance to ensure that your online operations are flowing smoothly, kept up-to-date and polished at all times.

We develop websites that work in every major browser across every major device.

Have you tried visiting Sanctus.ca in different browsers? Did you know that our web creation process is meticulously crafted to keep up with the latest iterations of the most popular browsers, optimized to maintain the most in both backwards and forwards compatibility across every platform and every browser?

These are the tiny details that we have covered – because we live and breathe technology, and even dream about it on some nights when we sleep. This is why when we go to work in creating your online presence, you receive phenomenal value and unrivaled expertise.

We know that you’re running a business. We know that you want an online presence that shines and speaks to the core of why you got into your line of work in the first place. We care about your success because we are as passionate about our work as you are about yours.

Why hire SANCTVS?

There are many services and companies who offer web design and development services, but not all are created equal.

In our experience (and direct witness), web development that is done inexpensively has several flaws which defeat the purpose of having an online presence in the first place: poor design quality, poor performance, little to no SEO and no strategic marketing and positioning, low security, a lack of customer service, an overall lack of expertise with which a site is built, and no follow-up or care for the client after the fact.

A great website is a critical pillar for having an engaging and robust online presence, integrates seamlessly with social media, receives more attention from your customers and clients, and truly speaks to the spirit of your brand or business.

SANCTVS pays attention to details our competitors simply don’t; we establish a type of relationship with our clients that others simply won’t. Our commitments are to exceptional service, and in making authentic connections to our clients with honesty and integrity.

Our websites are faster, better designed, more accessible, & with superior SEO.

Best Client Conversion Rate

Our most recent clients have experienced sales conversions from up to 33% of all prospective customers who have contacted them through online presences designed and delivered by Sanctus.

Best Increase in Organic Traffic

Get Online With Confidence.

One-Stop Web Solution
Expert Digital Consulting
Custom Media Development

Do you need a website that's fast, responsive to multiple devices, and scalable?

Time is of the essence when you want to reach customers or clients. The difference between a website that loads in 4 seconds versus a website that loads in 8 is the difference between your visitors staying on your site versus leaving it. That difference is customers who have respect for your brand, against customers who are indifferent to it.

Not all websites are created equal. About half of all modern internet users are accessing the web via smartphones, and these figures have exploded onto the scene in recent years. You need a website that’s accessible from every device.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could deploy a web presence that didn’t require it to be torn down by the foundations every time you need to add a new feature, or integrate it with more advanced solutions? We design your online presence with scalability in mind. You focus on doing your best work, we focus on getting you ready for the online world both now and for the long haul.

Search-Engine Optimized
Lightning-Fast & Well-Coded
Responsive Across Multiple Devices

Our clients are better informed, more satisfied, and freed to focus on doing their best work - with peace of mind.

Our Total Web Services Include:

  • Expert Consulting & Strategy Development
  • Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting
  • Professional Website Design & Development
  • Website Media Development (Photography / Videography)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Integration & Automation
  • High-Quality Audio Recording Services
  • Ongoing Maintenance, Updates, and Enhancement