Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter – Statement of Solidarity

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Words cannot express how appalling and intolerable, inexcusable the issues of racial injustice and white supremacism and terrorism are in our current climate – not just for the United States, but across the globe.

Black lives are human lives. And all black lives matter.

This company is not an exception to this maxim.

Black Lives Are Human Lives

We are taking this moment to express solidarity with black communities across North America as well as across the globe; we are appalled by racial injustice and know very well that is very real, and we accept the experiences of black communities everywhere.

Anti-black violence, anti-black racism, police brutality, centuries of oppression are unspeakable harm are a threat to all of us – they are a threat to our unity and they are a threat to all of us who struggle to live in harmony.

But you are the ones who are affected most.

Your heartbreak, your pain, your anger, your tears and your fight for a world where racial harmony is not just an empty phrase – we have not forgotten these and we are listening to you with utter concentration.

Anti-Black Racism Will Not Be Trivialized

Right now, the issue is solidarity with African-American, African-Canadian, and black communities as a whole – and Sanctus promises that you are not forgotten nor trivialized or brushed aside. You are hurting, and you must be prioritized.

This is not a time to be considerate of the discomfort of others, the issue is not about how other people feel; the issue is about making an unequivocal stand against the terror and evil that black communities across the globe are subjected to – by both overt and covert means – not as a marketing gimmick, or as empty words to boast false virtue, or as a device to extract your wealth.

We, with you, dream of and fight for a world of racial harmony in which future generations can thrive and feel safe to live in.

Your dignity and power is inherent to you and is a birthright and we will fight for your rights at every turn.

Your issues are our issues, and we are here with you to the end.

You are loved. We are listening to you and we are fighting for you, and we will be reaching out to you – and you can reach out to us.

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