Adobe accidentally deletes iOS-using customer data in app update

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[Adobe] released an app update to Lightroom Mobile for iOS that removes [old projects].

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Yes, unfortunately Adobe Lightroom for iOS mobile has deleted customer data.

Affected users lost photos, presets, edits, watermarks, and more. One user on Reddit said that he lost two years of edits, and there are dozens of similar complaints from people who lost important data. The problem affected users who were using local storage without having uploaded that content to Adobe’s cloud storage service.

Many of those affected were using Adobe’s free service, which has limited cloud storage, but some paid users were also impacted and lost thousands of photos.


Astoundingly, Adobe claimed that the data is unable to be recovered at all and is lost forever – which is amazing because a mere few days ago it was discovered that Instagram retained their user data in spite of claiming that it was deleted – with personal data being found on Instagram’s servers 7 years after users deleted their files.

If your data is your livelihood and it’s mission-critical, always back it up.

Our input: data security is important, and having physical copies of your data off the cloud means mitigating risks such as these. On the whole, Adobe’s platform is very robust, but we can clearly see that even the largest tech giants are prone to occasional hiccups and failures.

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