Company Description

SANCTVS is a web development and digital marketing agency based in North York, ON and serving the Greater Toronto Area and outlying regions. Our mission is to make technology accessible to professionals and small businesses by delivering technical and digital marketing solutions.

Our broader aim is to create long-lasting partnerships with values-driven businesses to create stronger and healthier communities, and to steward technology in a manner that is profitable in both the financial and humanitarian sense, without compromising one for the other.

Position Overview

Are you seeking a commission-based opportunity to start your career in sales? Are you technically savvy, creatively inclined, or both? Would you be interested in working alongside professionals in the Real Estate & Healthcare sectors?

Sanctus may have the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

We are a new digital marketing company based in the North York / Thornhill area. We’re on a mission to make technology more accessible and provide digital marketing solutions to business owners across the GTA to help them stand out and provide better services to their respective markets.

You’ll be working at a budding startup environment – so we only recommend you apply to this position if you are seriously interested in learning and mastering sales in the digital marketing industry specifically. This job will be the best fit for you if you are already interested in this line of work, or you’re confident about your salesmanship ability and are interested in working with a completely bootstrapped startup.

Compensation Scheme

The compensation you receive will be entirely proportional to the value that you bring to the company. This is a commission-only sales and business development position: we won’t cap your earnings or get in your way, and if you demonstrate real leadership abilities that can grow the company in line with Sanctus’ company mission, you will be quickly promoted without hesitation.

You’ll be more than just a commissioned salesperson – you’ll be a sales advisor providing highly valuable feedback on how to better serve our customers and adjust our sales strategy for continued growth.

The biggest benefit of working with Sanctus is that you will be a peer among equals in the company – you won’t be a number, and you’ll get transparency with respect to our business operations than you would at a larger firm.



Part time hours: 20-40 per week.

Job Type: FT/PT, Commission

COVID-19 Considerations:

With respect to COVID-19, nearly all work duties of this position can be carried out remotely, from the home or whichever location of your choosing. Work exposure risks are thereby kept to a strict minimum.

How to Apply:

Fill out our contact form on our contact page and select “Work Opportunities” as the purpose, with a brief description of yourself along with a link to your resume uploaded in a shared space like Google Drive.